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Our History

BrakeAdjust, a brake adjustment indicator for commercial vehicles, was founded in 2006 by Peter Sawyer. Brake Adjust was developed with over 20 years experience in the industry and a strong motive behind the project. It began in 2005, when a customer that Peter was servicing, challenged the simple fact that most drivers are completely unaware of their brake adjustment status. This frequently neglected issue of proper safety and maintenance practices often led to traffic violations and fines. The challenge presented to Peter's repair service was that mechanics do not see the vehicles every day but the drivers do. With that in mind, the task was to empower each driver with a tool that would in fact, help them along the road to compliance and safety.

After doing careful research, Peter discovered there was in fact a market for adjustment indicators. However, other adjustment indicators were hard to make, read and install, so something had to change. Keeping simplicity in mind, Peter designed BrakeAdjust, a brake adjustment indicator that incorporated three colors, and an easy to install procedure that didn't involve taking the brake system apart.

BrakeAdjust, the adjustment indicator was simple, easy to use and install, but most importantly it was easy to read. The idea quickly caught on and by 2007 Peter had solidified his first manufacturing deal in both the U.S. and Canada.

Since then BrakeAdjust has entered into the minds and on to the desks of companies all over the nation. Being a tool to bridge the gap between service intervals, BrakeAdjust has started to grow throughout the country. Commercial carriers are realizing, BrakeAdjust just makes sense.

Reduce Maintenance Time by 80%

BrakeAdjust will enable anyone to tell quickly, their brake levels. This will turn down the time needed to measure and adjust brakes.

Tested in Tough Conditions

BrakeAdjust has been going through rigorous training for over 3 years, in the harshest possible conditions.

Installs in Minutes

The easiest product on the market to install. Proven to install in less than 10 minutes

Designed By Experience Technicians

With over 20 plus years of experience put into the development, BrakeAdjust was produced from the mind of a seasoned professional.