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BrakeAdjust Adjustment Indicator


  • Saves Lives
    Prevents needless “brakes out of adjustment” accidents
  • Saves Money
    Significantly reduces shop time inspection and helps prevent inspection violations
  • It’s The Law!
    Meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for brake adjustment indicator


BrakeAdjust is now reflective and can be installed at both ends of the maxi-can.

BrakeAdjust Adjustment Indicator


BrakeAdjust balances your braking adjustment control and safety issues.


Out of Adjustment


Fully Adjusted

Reduce Maintenance Time by 80%

Reduce Maintenance Time by 80%
BrakeAdjust will enable anyone to tell quickly, their brake levels. This will turn down the time needed to measure and adjust brakes.


Installs In Minutes

Installs in Minutes
The easiest product on the market to install. Proven to install in less than 10 minutes.






Tested in Tough Conditions

Tested in Tough Conditions
BrakeAdjust has been going through rigorous testing for over 3 years, in the harshest possible conditions.


Designed By Experienced Technicians

Designed By Experienced Technicians
With over 20 plus years of experience put into the development, BrakeAdjust was produced from the mind of a seasoned professional.


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